R E - S C O R I N G     P O R T F O L I O

Explore my professional portfolio of re-scoring. The art of re-scoring is removing a film's original music to then add your own. I therefore, do not own any of the clips you see below, and my work does not reflect the original music of those clips. If you enjoy what you hear and are interested in commissioning a score please Contact Me

"Barcelona" (2019) - 2019

World Music/Guitar/Spanish

Spanish flamenco guitar playing brings to life this beautiful city!

"Godless" (2017) - 2019


Rock and metal elements combine with western cowboy music for this exciting re-score of the opening titles of "Godless"

"2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) - 2019


Explores spectralism and the use of 20th century electronic music techniques to create a science fiction soundscape.

Moon (2016) - 2018

Animation / Romance/ Latin

Recorded live at New York University, and remotely at Jacksonville University.

Love Signs (2017) - 2018

Animation / Romance/ Symphonic

My submission to NYU's annual Film Scoring Competition. Completely scored for full orchestra.

Uses EWQL Symphonic Orchestra.

Call Me By Your Name (2017) - 2018

Drama / Romance/ Rustic

I attempted to re-score this scene capturing the romantic tension and the rustic Italian landscapes.

Uses EWQL HollyWood Orchestra, 8Dio Woodwinds, and Komplete 11.

Carol (2015) - 2018

Drama / Synths/ Emotional

My re-score tried to capture the sadness and "trapped" feeling that Carol was feeling at this point in the film.

This was recorded live at New York University and mixed with EWQL HollyWood Orchestra and Alchemy

Noble House (1988) - 2018

1980s/Chinese / Drama / TV

My re-score attempts to fill the niche 1980s TV Drama, set in Hong Kong. I balanced cheesy 1980s elements with Chinese and British musical ideas.

Features EWQL HollyWood Orchestra, EWStormDrum1-3, EW Symphonic Orchestra, EW Ra & Silk and Kontakt5.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - 2018

Drums / Rock / Action

This score features heavy percussion elements and exciting rock music.

Features EWQL HollyWood Orchesra, EWStormDrum1-3, EW Symphonic Orchestra, and Kontakt5.

Gravity (2013) - 2018

Space / Electronic / Action-Suspense

I was challenged to score a scene using only Woodwind and Brass sounds. Everything sounding is an electronic manipulation of a WW/B sound.

Features EWQL HollyWood Woodwinds and Brass.

Castle in the Sky (1986) - 2018

Action / Symphonic / Japanese

A full orchestra sound explores a dramatic storm and calming Japanese inspired music

Features EWQL HollyWood Orchestra.

"Castle in the Sky" RE-SCORE (2018)

The Revenant (2015) - 2018

Tragic / Symphonic / Modern

This explores tragic string music to set the scene of this film.

Features EWQL HollyWood Orchestra, Alchemy, and EW Symphonic Choirs.

Captain Fantastic (2016) - 2018

Indie / Rock / Country/ Pop

This explores Indie Rock/Country music to set the scene of this film.

Features EWQL HollyWood Orchestra and Kontakt 5 libraries.

Skyfall (2012) - 2018

Action / Chase / Modern

This features heavy brass and percussion, and my own variations and development on key Bond musical motifs.

Features EWQL HollyWood Orchestra, EWQL Ra, and Logic Alchemy libraries.

Goodnight Boon (2013) - 2018

Animation / Child / Minimal

I scored this clip very sparsely to let the animation breath. I used a traditional lullaby as the theme and complimented it with adventurous and scary music to match the moods on screen.

Features EWQL Holly Wood Orchestra and Kontakt 5 libraries.

Loving Vincent (2017) - 2018

Symphonic / Classical / Dance

I scored this clip exploring not only the sadness of Van Gogh's life, but also the joy his art brings people. I used a large romantic/impressionist orchestra to create a symphonic overture reflecting the film and the beautiful paintings.

Features EWQL Holly Wood Orchestra.

© 2019 by Daniel Farrell.